The sommelier’s tools

– The corkscrew: indispensable tool, the only professional corkscrew is the lever with a small knife to engrave and remove the capsule and spiral to extract the cork.

– The pouring basket: necessary for the transport of bottles which, as they are very dated, could have sediments and therefore need to be handled with caution. They can be in wicker or silver.

– The decanter: as the name suggests is the necessary tool for decanting wine, in particular for important reds for aging to facilitate the opening of the bouquet and separate any sediments.

– The ice bucket: has a dual function: it can be useful to quickly cool a bottle or just to maintain its temperature.

– The tongs: used for sparkling wines, allows you to move the cork if it is not possible to open it manually.

– Tastevin: An ancient tasting tool, the Tasetevin is worn around the neck by the sommelier using a chain from which it is detached for use.

– Saber: Built specifically for opening champagne bottles, this tool has no thread and sometimes even a tip.

– Thermometer: measuring tool to serve wine at the optimal temperature.

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