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Area of Production: Loreto Aprutino (PE)

Grape Varieties: Trebbiano Abruzzese 100%

Soil: Limestone clay

Altitude: 300 meters above sea level

Training system: Overhead trellis

Vineyard Planting Year: 1975-1980

Bottles produced: 6.000

Size: 750 ml

The link to the Abruzzi region, to its history, and our roots represents the basis for the selection of all the names of Talamonti wines. Therefore the choice to link the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, prince white grape of the Abruzzi, to one of the most important landmarks of the area was clear. The first inhabitants of the area founded only 20km away a village on the banks of the Aternum River, naming it “Vicus Aterni”. The village remains are still visible today in modern-day Pescara. A few centuries later the name was changed to “Aternum”, in honor of the river itself.